Sunday, 17 January 2010

Great news about Gentle Footprints!

Our special animal anthology Gentle Footprints to raise awareness and funds for Born Free will be launched at the Hay-On-Wye Summer Festival on FRIDAY JUNE 4th!!! Full details still to be announced.

Festival website:

And Richard Adams and Virginia McKenna have agreed to be guest speakers!!!

More soon...

Debz :)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Twelve Days Anthology


This new collection is now available from the Bridge House website as well as usual internet sources. This is a special collection of unusual, dark stories for these long January days. The stories were chosen because they were a little different.

So please take a look and add this book to your must have read to start 2010

Also coming soon the animal anthology Gentle Footprints, email me if you want to get involved in raising awareness with this special charity book. Check out the Blog


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Animal Anthology

Some of you might be off enjoying writing time while it snows outside and for me it gives me a chance to catch up! We have selected 19 stories for the Born Free Animal Anthology, these are currently being approved by Born Free to ensure they adhere to the Born Free message, as soon as we have the list approved the lucky authors will be notified.

One of these authors is of course Richard Adams who has sent me the first draft of his new story and I am looking forward to seeing the finished story very soon!

We are also planning a big summer launch (details soon to be finalised) and I have set up a new BLOG for this very special book...

So we look forward to a new year and to continued publishing success.

Gill has also informed the lucky authors who have been accepted for the Travel Anthology and is in the process of sending out the edits...

There is still another month left for those still wanting to submit to the Debut Novel Competition.

I have also set up a TWITTER account for those that want to follow us there...

All the best,

Debz :)

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