Tuesday 14 July 2009

Disasters and Miracles and more...

The new anthology proofs have now gone out to the authors for a final check- we hope we haven't missed anything but we probably have! And then the new book should be with the printers this weekend.

We hope to not have a repeat of the problems we had with the printer with the Suitcase anthologies and all being well, the author copies should go out prior to the release date and you should be able to preorder as well.

The book looks good- 122 pages, retails for £6.99- some wonderful stories.

I spent Sunday indulging in them and felt proud of everyone that contributed.

So I am now working on my marketing plan and will be contacting the authors this week with some ideas...

We are now working on the final edits and the book cover for the 2 sides anthology- a superb collection of adult fairy tales so some more information about this coming soon

For the ghost and horror writers- the edits for these will be soon- and we want some ghoulish ideas for launches...

Children's advent is the baby and the authors are getting to know one another...

The 12 days of Christmas- we will be looking at these submissions very soon and letting the successful writers know...

A busy but wonderfully exciting time!

That's all for now folks!

Debz :)


Anne Brooke said...

That's marvellous - it's getting really exciting now! Well done, you!


Jeannette Towey said...

Glad to see the Bridge House blog is up and running now and looks like you're all busy. Keep us posted with news!


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