Sunday 29 November 2009


Apologies for the lack of posts- we are all really busy trying to get the Christmas books out in time!
Delays beyond our control have given us rather a lot to do and this cuts down in marketing time, so we hope all of our authors are doing their part to push the books!

Spooked is out and available to order through the Bridge House Website. Scream should be out any day. All is not lost as we can relaunch these for Halloween next year. As for the Children's Advent and 12 Days- these will make in time for Christmas- just! So again we may have a relaunch next year.

These things happen, especially as we all have other jobs as well!!! But we are working like mad to make this happen so we thank everyone for their support!

Check out the website this week when we have offers on books for Christmas- free postage on older titles... so please add books to your Christmas lists!

Debz :)


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