Friday 4 November 2011

A Novel Idea for November

We have reached November already, I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by, and it can only mean one thing in the writing world - it's National Novel Writing Month!

I have to admit I only heard about this idea a few weeks ago, but I instantly fell for the idea. Although I love to write, like many others, I barely get the time to put pen to paper. I would love to write a novel, who wouldn't, but the idea of all the planning and preparation makes me tremble in my boots! So, if like me you can think of a million excuses, what better way to throw yourself into the deep end and take part in National Novel Writing Month.

I know I should have posted about this before November started as we have already lost a few days, but with the weekend ahead, I recon there may still be time to catch up! The aim is to write 50,000 words this month, which can either be a complete novel or just part of one. This works out to be just over 1,600 words a day. Yes I hear you all saying 'but that's a heck of a lot of words per day', I know it is but what better way to force yourself to give up your reservations and get writing that novel!

You can sign up to the website for National Novel Writing Month here where you can track your progress, meet other writers all trying to do the same and receive pep talks and support.
I have to admit that 50,000 words is a little too daunting for myself and I know I could give up with such a mountain ahead so if you feel the same, why not use the National Novel Writing Month's prerogative and set a smaller word target. Why not try for 1,000 words a day? After all you will still have 31,000 words under your belt.

When I heard the idea being discussed on breakfast TV a few weeks ago it was said that you should write your amount of words per day, not letting yourself go back to change anything. I think the idea behind this is that you have so much to write in a month, there is little time to be editing as well. To me this is a great idea. I often start writing, only to become stuck criticising what I have managed to write so far. Yes it is great to edit and alter things, it is how we all improve. I know you probably won't produce your greatest work yet if you have to just keep writing no matter whether you had an off day or not, but you will have made the time to write and have written something perhaps you could alter after the challenge or use to form part of other work.

I hope you all have a successful writing month. It would be great to see who is taking part, leave a comment if you are giving it a go!


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