Monday 30 November 2015

You're in for a treat

Do watch out for extracts form our latest anthology and news about our latest writers:

1 December Siren  by  Christopher Bowles
2 December Undertow  by Clare Weze
3 December Angels by Sally Angel
4 December Natural Recycle by Derek Corbett
5 December Winter Scenes by Margaret Bulleyment
6 December The Snowman by David Hook
7 December Worlds Apart by The Viking
8 December Official secrets by Linda Edmondson
9 December Between the Flakes by Roger A Price
10 December Brown Christmas by Paul Bradley
11 December Snow Woman by Jo Fino
12 December Oh yes it’s flaky by Dianne Stadhams
13 December Waiting for Susan. by Jeanne Davies
14 December Snowdrop by Linda Flynn
15 December Murmuration  L.G. Flannigan
16 December The Meetings by Paula R. C. Readman
17 December Eight Hours Going Nowhere by Sarah Evans
18 December Buster Blizzard by Steve Wade
19 December Episode by LF Roth
20 December Snowflakes and Good Deeds by T. D. Holland
21 December Heart to Heart by Glynis Scrivens
22 December What’s In a Name? by Vanessa Horn
23 December Last Call for Air by Mike Scott Thomson
24 December The Winter Cuckoo by Shirley Hammond


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