Tuesday 17 January 2017

Gliterary Tales - call for submission

For 2017 we want stories that shine, stories with a little sparkle, a touch of magic or a sprinkle of pixie dust. We like the unusual or the unexpected in the usual, so let your imagination run wild. This will be a collection of 'Gliterary' tales, so make them glitter.

We open for submissions for a yearly anthology of short stories on January 1st each year until March 31st.

New writers, established writers and writers we've included in other anthologies are all equally welcome.  

Submissions accepted January 1st until 31 March
Editors' decisions By 30 June or thereabouts!
Editorial 1 July until 30 September
Book design and early marketing 1 October until 14 November
Book release 15 November
Celebration event 2 December

How to Submit
Please send your submission as a Word attachment to editor@bridgehousepublishing.co.uk
In the body of the email say a little about yourself.
In the subject line, please put your name and the title of your story.
Texts should be:
Between 1,000 and 5,000 words
Previously unpublished
Double-spaced (Please do not put an extra double-space between paragraphs but do indent new paragraphs – use the Word paragraph settings to set this up)
In a regular font – e.g. Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point
In the header include the name by which you would like to be known and the title of the text. In the footer please include your legal name and full contact details, including your preferred email address and telephone number. Please use the header and footer function in Word to create headers and footers.     
Please add a third person bio at the end of your text – between 50 and 70 words and include a URL if you wish.
Please adhere to these guidelines even if they sound pernickety – it really helps us if you submit this way. Although we wouldn’t necessarily reject your story if it was fantastic and you’d done something a little out of kilter, if you’re borderline or your story is very similar to another this could be a deciding factor.     

Author Compensation

 We offer royalties of 7.5%  on the net price of  print book on the and  50% of the profit of the e-book.

 You may register for ALCS and PLR (British and Irish) pro rata.

We offer author discounts of 25% on all Bridge House Books and sister imprint, The Red Telephone, in hard copy. So you may order multiple copies of your own books or mix and match with others. For orders of 5 or more we waive shipping costs – normally £1.00 per book. With your first order of 5 books we include one free copy.

A word of warning
Anthologies of short stories do not sell in vast quantities to the public – even when they include higher profile writers. We actually now have a mixed profile of writers – and actually the better known writers sell less well to family and friends than new writers.
You must also bear in mind that if you are in an anthology with 23 other writers a small profit is going to be divided.   
Immaculate records of royalties are maintained and money for royalties is kept in a separate bank account. We currently have over 300 authors on our books. We pay our royalties once a year for the period of 1 January to 31 December by the 31 March of the following year and only after an author has accrued £10.00 or more. We only issue statements in this case though are happy to supply information if you request it. This is simply because of the amount of time administration takes. Some of our authors who are proactive and / or published in multiple anthologies do earn a reasonable amount. Many authors opt to donate their royalties to one of the charities we support.

What else we do for you
Get your work out there
Help you to get a new line on your writing CV
Edit your work well – our editors are experienced writers and editors
Promote your work as much as time allows 
Give you lots of tips about how you can help to promote your work
Invite you every year to the celebratory London event  


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