Wednesday 6 December 2017

Kitsune by David Trebus

David Trebus is an enthusiastic Creative Writing MA student and budding PhD candidate from Hertfordshire. He has always been inspired by mythology, folk lore and all things supernatural. He currently has several published works including a novel, short stories and a comic.

Kitsune is the first in a series of interlocking short stories based around Dominic and his girlfriend Anna's experiences with the supernatural.

Dominic opened his eyes to darkness. Small shafts of moonlight helped illuminate the gloom as he looked around. Large tree trunks surrounded him in all directions. A forest? How did you find yourself in a forest, genius?
  Dominic tried to stand, his legs protesting at the effort. He winced as a sharp pain hit his temple. He staggered, fetching up against a tree trunk. Odd. The sensation faded as quickly as it had appeared, like a muscle memory of something unpleasant long since passed.
  Dominic quickly regained his footing, taking a few steps away from the tree. Nothing around him seemed familiar. No signs, no clear paths, and no road nearby to follow back to civilization. A sick sensation settled in Dominic’s stomach. This was not good, anything could have happened.
 His jeans’ pockets held house keys, a wrist watch missing half a strap and a wallet. The watch was frozen at 9:15pm, with the hands refusing to move. He patted his sweater, then his jacket feeling the familiar shape of his smartphone in one of the many pockets. The screen glowed but refused to respond. It seemed to be jammed.
 Hitsuzen.” An unknown number appeared on the top of the screen.
 The text brought another sharp stab to his temple. Wincing, Dominic felt a wet sensation running down the back of his neck. His hand shot up to check but there was nothing there, just the same short brown hair he had always had. No wet patches, no pain. It disappeared again as quickly as it came on.
Pressing the buttons did nothing to unjam the phone. It refused to respond, the same strange text on the glowing screen. Dominic pocketed it. What the Hell did Hitsuzen mean anyway?

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